Next Generation High Schools

“…I’m announcing a new challenge to redesign America’s high schools so they better equip graduates for the demands of a high-tech economy… We’ll reward schools that develop new partnerships with colleges and employers and create classes that focus on science, technology, engineering and math.”
— President Barack Obama, 2013 State of the Union Address

During the month of November, we will be discussing Next Generation High Schools. This is a hot topic of discussion in the United States’ education system, especially since President Obama’s State of the Union Address in 2013. Next Generation High Schools are high school institutions that have altered their curriculum in order to better prepare students for success in the twenty-first century by focusing on individual students. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of a partnership between high schools, post-secondary institutions and businesses or organizations which are potential work places for students.

The U.S Department of Education established the following principles of Next Generation High Schools:

  • Redesigning academic content to promote active and hands-on learning aligned with post-secondary and career-readiness
  • Personalizing academic content and strengthen the connection to the educational needs and interests of individual students
  • Ensuring strong content knowledge and skills for teachers in all subjects including STEM
  • Providing and personalizing academic and wrap-around support services for those students who need them
  • Providing high-quality career and college exploration and counseling on options for students after high school graduation
  • Offering multiple opportunities to engage in post-secondary learning, which includes earning college credit while still in high school
  • Redesigning the scope and sequence of learning time in more innovative and meaningful ways, incorporating innovations such as educational technologies, project-based learning, and competency-based progressions

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College Transition and Persistence

Did you know that 28% of students drop out before they even become a sophomore?

At Future Institute, we provide two programs that directly impact college transition and persistence for all Concept Schools alumni.

  • College Liaisons are Concept Schools alumni who are now in college. These liaisons reach out to Concept Schools graduates who enrolled in their university in order to provide a smooth transition into the collegiate environment.
  • FIRM, or Future Institute Road-to-Success Mentorship, provides alumni with mentors who are professionals in their chosen career fields to guide and motivate them to achieve their goals.

A university that also provides programs to ease the transition and promote college persistence, especially for new students, is the University of Illinois – Chicago. The Office of the First-Year Initiatives focuses on this topic exactly and builds a welcoming environment for students. This is only one of many programs offered by this university to ensure student success.

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