Hye Sun You, Ph.D.

    Hye Sun You earned her B.S in Chemistry and M.S. in science education from Yonsei University and her Ph.D. in Science education at the University of Texas at Austin. She has since worked as a post-doctoral fellow at New York University and Michigan State University. Prior to entering academia, she spent several years teaching middle school science. Her research interests center upon interdisciplinary learning and teaching, and technology-integrated teaching practices in STEM education. In her dissertation work, she developed and validated a new interdisciplinary assessment in the context of carbon cycling for high school and college students using Item Response Theory. She is also interested in developing robotics-embedded curricula and teaching practices in a reform-oriented approach. Currently as a visiting scholar at New York University, she is guiding the development of new lessons and instructional practices for a professional development program under a DR K-12 research project funded by NSF.