Casey Davis, Ph.D.

Digital Citizenship and Civics with Digital Natives

Casey Davis is currently an Instructional Designer for Arizona State University’s University Technology Office.  He previously worked for Pearson Education, NA as a K-12 Science Curriculum Specialist, and was the Senior Curriculum Manager for the Humanities at Flip Switch, Inc. Prior to this he taught Science, Social Studies, English, and Journalism, and was the Secondary Advanced Academics Facilitator for Temple ISD for three years before returning to the classroom full time. Mr. Davis has worked as contract writer for STEMscopes out of Rice University as well as a freelance writer for SAGE Publications, ABC-Clio, and OnLine Learners, Inc. He has published a 10th World History textbook with ancillary materials through the American Preparatory Institute, a subsidiary of Central Texas College. He has written a book on secondary Social Studies classroom techniques published by Prufrock Press in Spring 2014. Mr. Davis’s research interests include American History, Religion, Science, Instructional Design, Gifted and Talented students, and Second Language Learners.